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Three Key Tips To Relieve First Time Campers Of Their Anxieties To Ensure They Have Fun

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Kids Camps

The friends, activities and memories made at camp are often ones that last for a lifetime. From swimming, playing soccer and volleyball, to making crafts and meeting a new friend, children are filled with excitement. However, other kids may require more time to adjust to the time away from mom and dad. Children can develop anxiety in situations where they’re separated from their parents and in an environment with kids they have not met. Fortunately, with a few tips, parents can help ease their child’s stress so they can fully enjoy, learn and grow during camp.

At Vaughan Sportsplex, we specialize in making every one of our campers feel welcome and to have fun. Here’s what you can do beforehand:

Involve Your Child In Picking Their Camp or Sport Activity

Working with your child to help them pick which activity works for them can alleviate some of their anxieties. This allows your child to feel as if they have ownership and more control over their experience. If your child has played soccer before, remind them of how much they enjoyed it, and they may feel comfortable joining our Kids Soccer League at Vaughan Sportsplex. They are familiar with the sport and will understand what to expect and how to play already, which may make it easier for them to make friends and join in without challenge.

Get Them Excited and Prepared

Some adults experience anxiety in new environments that they were unable to prepare for, so you can imagine how a child would feel. Preparing your child for what will happen at camp is important, but so is getting them excited by informing them of how they’ll make new friends, learn new things and improve their skills. Take your child to pick up new running shoes or a lunch bag for their kids camps that they can show off to friends when they get there.

Take The Focus Off Of What’s Making Them Anxious

Your child will most likely vocalize what’s making them anxious and hesitant to participate in the camp. It’s important not to silence them and keep the dialogue open, but shift it from being negative to a conversation about goals to have. For example, if you’re signing your child up for ball hockey at Vaughan Sportsplex, make a goal-oriented plan on how they can effectively pass the ball to a team member or try to score. This can encourage them to start the day with the mindset of completing the task and take their mind off of the anxiety of going to camp.

At Vaughan Sportsplex, our highly trained and friendly staff will make each of our campers feel welcome, involved and have fun! Whether they’re joining for just a PA day, a week, or a birthday party, our facility is the place to take them! Each of our programs encourages learning and problem solving, communication skills and friendship building for a productive experience. How can we help plan your next event? Send us a message on our site or give us a call to learn more.


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