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Sports and Mental Health: How Playing Sports Can Help Kids Manage Stress and Anxiety

by | May 17, 2023 | Kids Camps

Sports keep kids energetic and physically active, and joining a kid’s soccer league, for example, will result in fun and excitement. According to the Child Mind Institute, sports provide numerous mental health benefits for children, and it is equally important to take care of their mental health as it is to keep them physically fit.

Playing sports is a great way for kids to manage stress and anxiety, and this guide will highlight the role of sports in relation to mental wellness:

    1. Kids will enjoy better sleep. Playing sports will improve a child’s quality of sleep, and you will notice your child falling asleep fast after coming home from their soccer league or any other sport. Playing sports can help heal sleeping disorders, and kids will not feel sleepy during the day.


    1. Playing sports can reduce stress and anxiety in children. Even a simple activity like walking for 15 minutes a day can help prevent the risk of depression, and playing a sport can reduce this possibility even further. When a child plays sports, it releases endorphins, which can help improve their mood and prevent stress and anxiety. By being physically active, a child’s energy is being used positively, and they are less likely to experience depression or anxiety.


    1. Kids will learn to concentrate and focus. Children who participate in sports will have better focus as sports can improve memory and concentration. The more a child gets involved in physical activities, the more this will activate new brain cells’ growth which will prevent memory loss. Additionally, playing sports can also boost critical thinking, learning, and decision-making abilities.


    1. Kids will be more resilient. Playing sports regularly will allow children to overcome mental and emotional challenges quickly and healthily, and they will become both mentally and physically strong. They will learn to accept victory and defeat and will learn to cope with different situations.


    1. Kids will feel more confident. When a child is physically active, they will feel more confident and energized, and sports can help children develop a sense of self-worth. This will decrease feelings of anxiety and stress because children will feel better about themselves.


    1. Kids will learn to socialize. Joining a soccer league or any other sport will provide kids with the opportunity to meet new people and make friends, and they will enjoy being part of a team. This will do wonders for a child’s self-esteem, and both stress and anxiety can be managed when a child is surrounded by friends and good people.


  1. Kids will be in a better mood. Physical activity will instantly elevate a child’s mood, and these good feelings will help eliminate symptoms of depression or anxiety because a better mood will result in a calm and relaxed state.



The importance of sports cannot be denied when discussing mental health. Do you want to help your child overcome feelings of stress and anxiety? Enrolling them in a soccer league is a great idea, and Vaughan Sportsplex is the perfect place for your child! We can help your child become confident, and you will notice higher levels of happiness.

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