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How to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Birthday Parties

Where do you start when planning your child’s birthday party? It can be an overwhelming task depending on the scope of the potential party and all that your child wants along with it. A child’s self-esteem can be raised immensely thanks to a great birthday bash. So here are five of the main party planning elements you need to consider when planning your child’s big day.


Picking a theme for your child’s birthday party can help in determining the other party factors, like what designs to put on the invitations, what decorations should be bought and what kind of specialty food items will fit. Base this off of whatever your child’s interested in, whether they like dinosaurs, the beach, or animals. As kids have a natural imagination, don’t stress yourself out too much in terms of decorations, especially if you’re not having the party at home.


The older kids get, the more they want to dictate who they want to be at their birthday bash. Always talk to them about who they do and don’t want to be invited to an exciting event. As for the invitations themselves, you can decide whether to buy them, ideally in whatever theme your kid has chosen, or make them by hand. Don’t forget to include the most important information, like the date and time of the party, directions and specific instructions regarding what to wear or whether or not adults will need to accompany their kids.


If your home or apartment isn’t the best place to host a children’s party, then perhaps an offsite location is the best solution. Many recreation centers, kid-friendly restaurants, museums, and others offer birthday party packages that can include food, specific activities, and more. Places like Vaughan Sportsplex offer a large variety of activities that everyone at your party will enjoy.


Depending on the length and location of the birthday party, you need to determine how much food is necessary. The cake usually isn’t something that’s negotiable at a kids’ party, but if you rent out a space for the event, check to see whether or not food is included. If you decide to go to a kids’ restaurant, then it’s safe to say you won’t have to worry about food, although be aware of any food allergies the guests might have.


Outdoor activities are usually a big hit at children’s parties, depending on their age and the activities available to them. If you book a kids’ birthday party at Vaughan Sportsplex, they’re sure to have endless amounts of fun. We offer party packages that include Nerf tag, bubble soccer, e-games, ultimate sports, and more. Our facilities are also equipped with trampolines, rock climbing, and indoor soccer.

At Vaughan Sportsplex, we offer a fun time for both kids and adults. From adult leagues and corporate team building events to kids camps, and birthday party packages, there’s something for everyone! Located in Vaughan, Ontario, supervisors, and referees are always around, as your child’s safety is our highest priority. Go online to book an event and sign our online waiver so you can get to the fun in no time!


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