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PA Day


Just because kids get a day off from school does not mean parents do as well. Finding high-quality childcare on these days can be tricky as babysitters get booked up fast. Save yourself some trouble and enroll your kids in our PA Day Camp. At Vaughan Sportsplex, your little ones will be immersed in a fun-filled day of games, sports, and activities run by our thoughtful and experienced staff members.


Our program focuses on getting kids excited about learning new skills all while developing their teamwork, leadership, relationship-building skills. Team building allows children to work together in social situations like they would in a classroom or down the line in the workplace. It challenges kids to work together on tasks they are not experienced with by cooperating with people they are unfamiliar with. They are shown how to be accountable and take responsibility. It is an excellent way for them to make new friends without being far from home for too long. Your kids will walk away from the experience having gained new memories.


You will have the peace of mind that they are being well looked after for the day and are doing something productive. Enrolling your kids in our PA Day camp means you can carry on your day as if they were in school. You will no longer have to make frantic phone calls trying to find an available person to watch them or worrying about whether they are in safe hands.


Call us to find out if there are spots still available or if you have any other questions about our PA Day camp.

PA Day Camp Vaughan

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Please download the form below and bring it with you.