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For those who have never heard of bubble soccer, it has become quite the rage among many young Europeans and Americans. Although it originated in Europe, Americans are slowly popularizing the game in this part of the world. Bubble soccer is known by different names around different parts of Europe. It is called Loopyball in Germany while most other European countries call it bubble football. It is the Americans who coined the name bubble soccer.

Although the game itself started as a joke by Henrick Elvestad and Johan Gold, who were the popular hosts of a hit Norwegian comedy sports show “Golden Goal,” it slowly caught on. After they posted a video of themselves playing online, its popularity quickly caught on. The game is basically a cross between soccer and sorbing. Sorbing is a sport in which an individual rolls down the side of a hill or sometimes a level surface in a giant plastic orb. The plastic orb surrounding the player in Bubble Soccer is similar to that in sorbing but one major difference is that it offers players to use their legs to run freely or essentially to wear the orb. The main objective of the game is to score against your opponent’s net and knock each other down while trying to score. One of the most exciting things about bubble soccer is that you tend to have the most fun!

The game pretty much begins like dodgeball. Once the players hear a whistle, they rush into the center and kick the soccer ball through their bubble. With increasing sweat, maneuvering the ball becomes increasingly challenging. With compromised visibility, the sport becomes a real ongoing struggle and makes it all the more active.

Since the players’ hands are pressed inside the bubble, they have to maintain their balance using their legs. Mobility is highly sacrificed in this game but the playing field can be levelled for different sized players. Two crucial variables are your leaping ability and daily stress levels. From a safety perspective, it is safe to say that you are more likely to get injured as a spectator of this game than a player in this game. Although it is likely that a player may have to take a few rotations to find ground, it is still safe. Plus, the player ends up looking like a wrecking ball adding to the comic relief.

If bubble soccer excites you the way it excites us, try it out for yourself! Visit the Vaughan Sportsplex today to experience the fun, thrill, and excitement of bubble soccer. The upcoming summer season is the perfect time to explore a new game.